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thewonderkitten's Journal

27 February
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I'VE MOVED. Find me at missmagnetism.

wouldn't it be so beige?
I never really have anything good to say for these things.

My name's Kit, I'm 20 years old, I'm gay, and I'm from Massachusetts. I'm currently living the college life, which basically means I'm doing all the stuff I'd usually be doing but displaced by a few hours of travel. I don't really know how to people and spend most of my time online. I really kinda prefer it that way.

Probably my biggest thing lately has been comics, mostly Marvel these days, as I am one of many confused DC fans who loves the characters but not, uh, The Rest Of It. I am big on X-Men. I watch like... three or four TV shows at any given time. I am a lightweight. I will however chug through a cartoon series in like three days if I start on one.

living on the medium way
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